Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden


Situated in the heart of prime agricultural land Andrews Creek Primary School strives to develop and maintain close connections between its students and the natural environment; instilling a genuine appreciation for the important role sustainability plays in our lives.

All classes are involved in maintaining and celebrating our “creek area” throughout their time at ACPS and as of 2015 select classes will be involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKG).  The program formalises our teaching of the importance of food production and preparation and develops close links with our school community.

Students involved in the program will work with our kitchen and garden specialist staff in learning the skills associated with food production and preparation and celebrate their skills in a Shared Table once a term.  A Shared Table is a sit down sharing of food, some of which has been grown by the students and volunteers involved in the program.

Come and walk around one of our many gardens and help us pull a weed or harvest the produce to be shared with our students, volunteers and staff.