Our Motto


The motto at Andrews Creek Primary School is 


Learn Inspire Shine 


Learning is central at Andrews Creek Primary School. Engaged learners are inspired and empowered to choose their direction in life. Inspiration leads to connection, creativity and passion which, in turn, leads to excellence. Excellence in everything enables students to shine.


Our Vision


Our vision at Andrews Creek Primary School


Our vision is of a school that enables each student to achieve their potential. The school community is committed to learning, celebrating individuality, connection, choice and excellence. We endeavour to inspire passion, creativity and friendship; nurture respect and compassion and develop a connection to and appreciation for a sustainable future.


Our Mission


Our mission at Andrews Creek Primary School


Our school strives for excellence in learning, inspiring individual voice, building strong relationships and encouraging sustainability. We aim to establish an equitable learning environment for all; nurture a passion for knowledge, creativity and respect and foster connections between life and learning to ensure every student is inspired to reach their potential.