School Values

At Andrews Creek Primary, we have high expectations for learning and behaviour. We strive to be Andrews Creek Shining Stars in everything we do, in all locations and at all times: staff, students and our whole school community.  Students who make the choice not to be an Andrews Creek Shining Star are expected to take responsibility for their actions and will face consequences, which will be determined by the severity and frequency of the action.

Some examples of what being an Andrews Creek Shining Star include:


* Keeping our hands and feet off others in all interactions;

* Being aware of our surroundings;

* Using kind and calm words to solve social problems; and

* Walking in the classrooms, courtyard and corridors.


* Helping others;

* Using kind words and being nice to everyone; and

* Greeting people by using their name;

* Including others in your play or conversation

Always Be Your Best

* Giving things a go even if we think it might be really hard;

* Asking for help if you need it;

* Taking pride in our work and doing it neatly; and

* Looking for ways to improve, learn and grow.


* Using good manners by saying please, thank you, good morning and good afternoon;

* Keeping our classroom and workspace tidy;

* Putting our rubbish in the bin and recycling; and

* Taking turns and waiting patiently.


A STAR card is used to acknowledge students displaying outstanding Andrews Creek STAR qualities. When students receive a STAR card, they share it with our principal, it is communicated in the next newsletter and it is displayed on the wall in the corridor. We have a STAR card draw each assembly, where one STAR card from each value is randomly drawn, with winning students receiving a $10 Scholastic Book Voucher. When a student receives one STAR card from each value, they also receive a special STAR certificate.