Over a number of years students have been helping to rehabilitate Andrews Creek, a local creek which runs through the school property. It has been transformed from a bare eroded state to a naturally regenerating bush environment. Board-walks and an outdoor classroom provide all students with the opportunity to experience nature and assist in maintaining the Andrews Creek nature reserve. Two fenced off waste water ponds in the schools grounds have established reed beds which filter the inflowing water to the ponds. These ponds have now become a haven for the endangered Green and Gold frog (Litoria raniformis) and other more common frog species. The endangered Central North Burrowing crayfish (Engaeus granulatus) enjoys the fresh flowing waters of Andrew Creek which originates from a continuous underground spring with our school precinct.  The area also houses the Eastern Barred Bandicoots, wombats, wallabies, potoroos, possums and many birds. The bush is full of teatrees, bottlebush, blackwoods, gum trees, grasses and ferns.  The area has an outdoor classroom where students can explore and study the surrounding area.


Andrews Creek Primary is situated in a beautiful farming area. The position of our school creates a quiet, tranquil and relaxing environment, providing our students with views of farms, trees and rolling hills.  At break times students have access to a large range of play environments meaning students can find the play space that best suits their break needs – whether it be the Interactive Sensory Garden, play equipment, basketball and netball courts, sandpits, viewing the kitchen-garden and chook enclosure or oval and cricket pitch.


As a result of our amalgamated history and the commitment of our school community, Andrews Creek Primary School is rich in resources, facilities and infrastructure that support dynamic learning and teaching. Each of our classes operate within spacious classrooms which enables teachers to create a variety of learning spaces that can be used flexibly within the one classroom. Our classrooms are positioned around a central courtyard – a quiet, shaded area that students share for eating time and socialisation.


Our extensive school library uses the TALIS system to help us connect our teaching and learning in better ways. Also, we utilise a range of ICT devices including Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, netbooks, laptops and desktops to support us in fostering creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate new technologies to enhance and extend teaching and learning experiences.